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Orange Workie :) You wake up in the room. There’s nothing else around apart from darkness. You can see yourself. You’re dressed in rubber hi-viz and nothing else. You start to feel, there’s no other clothing but the hi-viz. Then you start to think. Thinking taking a process. You had a name? Maybe. You couldn’t find it. All you remember is rubber and pleasing sir. Sir? That sounds right doesn’t it.

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Thank you to Jamie for submitting this lovely picture :) Jamie was a typical student studying at the university. He was one of the dedicated ones who enjoyed his course and worked hard. He was looking forward to completing his course with a good grade. He did also try to keep himself in shape a lot of the time, so he went out on his usual early morning run around in the countryside.

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Saw This man on grindr, think that you can use it for some story :3 (Dragon: I hope he doesn’t mind!) I’d been talking to the guy on Grindr for a while now. Some would say I had unusual tastes, but I really liked guys like this. Shame he tried to make himself look more presentable, but he seemed very likeable by the messages. I had been invited to his house, which as predicted was in a bad part of town.

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Once the virus gets in you, it starts changing you. You decide your next haircut is going to get rid of that shitty hair. You end up wearing a chain all of the time. But you never liked any jewellery. Yeah but it looks cool right? Then the personality hits you. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Will you be focused on building that body? Focused on drinking with mates getting plastered?

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