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Punk Screw

The cloth to your face was the last thing you remembered before waking up being rocked in the back of a van. Back and forth, completely in darkness apart from a small couple of spots where persumably the van had rusted away so much the outside light was able to get in. You felt as though you slept remarkably well for a change considering your ordeal. Before the cloth there was that gang of punks.

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Skunk Paint

Breathing in that thick smell of the construction yard, you realise you had made it. Gotten yourself a job in an industry doing manual labour and you would have no more office chairs to sit on, or office desks to sit at and blankly stare your eyes away into a computer screen. Nor did you have to resort to retail or some job where you would have to deal with customers on a daily basis.

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Metalic Vibes

While on your unusually quiet lunch break in the town centre you noticed a popup shop in one of the usually closed shops. The town centre was typical of that of a seaside town where it’s “glory days” had long passed and there were a few chains taking up units, and a few smaller hardier shops still managing to stay open. Along with the ocassional dodgy looking shops selling clearly fake items in a layout that looked like it could be emptied in five minutes.

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commission Stress of the Team

Jake had managed to get on the team by the skin of his teeth. The other top player had to take a year out due to a serious injury which meant he had to be in and out of hospital for over a year. A condition that sadly snatched his dream of being part of the team away from him, and landed it in Jake’s position. For Jake it was a dream come true.

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advertisement Symbiote Bundle 4

Hex put out a call for writers to write short stories for their new bundle, and I decided to throw my writing skills into the ring. The bundle itself is $40 but there’s a lot more content than just a short story of my own. So, like symbiotes and the like? Get the bundle 👀 You can see a story I’ve contributed under “Draconic Suit” inside the bundle. Go buy it from their online store!

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Bonus Bowser Boxers

Dusty had been incredibly excited over since they announced the new Nintendo games recently. They were releasing a new game in one of his favourite franchises, Mario Maker so he was pretty excited to see the gameplay in the new version. All of the ideas of levels him and his friends could put together. Yeah his current job was following other people’s blueprints as a builder, but this allowed him to make his own levels at the very least.

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E-Liquid: The Second Bottle

The liquid was thick and viscous like any other entering Mark’s tank. It smelt sweet enough. He decided to only fill it up half-way, just in case. He didn’t want to ruin his mod or new coil straight away. Taking his first drag of the liquid, it was pleasantly smooth as it travelled through his mouth. Strong, but smooth. A long draw in and a long stream of vapour out. It was surprisingly nice for a random liquid.

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Checking the time as he pulled into the car park, Mark realised he was just about on time for opening up the vape shop he was a manager at. That was until he was blocked off by a blacked out car driving in and a white large transit van blocking the car park exit. There was no other real route out except trying to jump the large fences like the kids do when they inevitably got caught running across the roof again.

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The Warlock

This is a tinkered version of Work a Mile Despite being on mute the phone makes a quick rattle on the conference table. No one cares, of course, and the meeting is almost over anyway. You grab and have a glance to see if it is something important, like a message from Rob where to have lunch. Instead your phone is showing the orange groin of a man in work gear.

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Halvor Grows

Thanks to zi0808 who drew the amazing art for this story. He’s a fantastic artist you should go commission him! Halvor really wanted to grow. He tried hard, working out as often as possible, even when he probably should be resting. The urge to feel his muscles tight, bigger, stronger. The urge that had grown and grown since he started working out with his alpha. The buzz when he could lift a much higher weight than before, especially for exercises that were usually once a week such as his personal favourite, deadlifts.

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